Are you looking for a career in acting but don’t know where to start? Well, you will now! This is a blog about how to do just that.

Below is about how my journey can help yours! Starting with, my theatre company ‘Out of the Blue’ formed in 2014.

When I graduated from University in 2013, I had no idea how the industry worked. Honestly, I didn’t even know some of the key phrases or people involved in making films! I did however, know a little more about putting on our own theatre show, courtesy of my degree and wonderful tutors there. So, first step was survive living at home with parents again after 3 years of complete freedom. Second step, save up lots of money from work and create work!

I started my own theatre company at aged 21 and received 5 and 4 star reviews for our shows! Step 3, realise that one show a year (all I could afford based on personal funds) was no longer satisfying my thirst for creativity and acting and decided to transition to Screen acting. I’ve been doing that for just over two years now but I have learnt a LOT in that time and as I continue to learn I will share with you my findings! That’s step 4. Why? Genuinely because I wanted someone to fall from the sky and just give me the low down – let’s be honest, I was day dreaming. Hard work is not only the best way to learn but also satisfying when you finally reap what you’ve sown!

Read My Lips is here to bring you acting tips so that you can make the most of the opportunities headed your way!

Your official first industry contact,

Kelly Juvilee